US bank Citibank is giving away iPod minis to new customers.

Citibank will give an iPod mini anyone who opens a Citibank EZ account, checks-in $2,500, and pays two bills online. Then the iPod is theirs, as long as the customer makes two online bill payments each month. The promotion runs until December 31.

Citibank defended the bill payment catch to Smartmoney, claiming that setting up recurring online payments is easy. Managing director Catherine Palmieri said: "My advice would be to take a car and a mortgage payment, set them up to go out each month, and don't worry about it."

Thousands have already taken advantage of the offer, and Citibank expects the response rate to continue to climb. Apple has assured Citibank that it'll supply as many iPods as needed, but the first will not be mailed until February.