The 4GB iPod mini – which holds about 1,000 songs – is adequate for people's needs, a music study shows.

Jupiter Research found that 90 per cent of consumers do not have more than 1,000 songs stored on their PCs, and that 77 per cent of those questioned would be happy with a 1,000 song-capacity player.

It also asked digital-music consumers their preferred file formats. One fifth chose MP3 and 7 per cent Microsoft's WMA format. Fewer than 1 per cent opted for Advanced Audio Coding, the format used on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

The research indicates that consumers are not only looking at hard-drive size when purchasing an MP3 player. When asked which features matter most, a rechargeable battery (55 per cent), small device size (52 per cent), and the ability to connect the device to their computer (49 per cent) were the most popular choices.

Cnet reports that the study concludes: "Vendors such as Creative, Archos, Dell and Apple have all created hard drive music players that can hold up to and beyond 5,000 songs. Hard drive players with such large capacity for content go above and beyond not only the music that most consumers want on their portable music player, but also beyond the digital music that they own."