According to analysts, part of the appeal of the iPod mini is its design – and how the colour chosen reflects a user's personality.

Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin told Reuters: "They are a point of differentiation for the individual and they're almost a status symbol. Because of the colours and its small size, it really is an expression of personality."

The iPod itself has become a status symbol. Inside Digital Media analyst Phil Leigh said: "Even though those white ear buds aren't really that great, people want to wear them with an iPod so others know that they're carrying one."

Apple's device isn't only worshipped on the street – some analysts are suggesting that the iPod mini should become the idol of the industry, spawning design innovation in other compact digital music players. Bajarin said: "I would hope that Apple's innovation in industrial design spills out to the rest of the industry."

Bajarin added: "Apple believes that its products need to stand out in order to be successful and, as a result, puts a significant amount of time and investment in creating products that are unique and innovative.

"Other compact digital-music players are considerably cheaper, hold fewer songs and are perfectly serviceable, but none has yet matched Apple's elegant user interface. They're just not the sleekest. You look at the products coming from Creative or Gateway and they're clever in the way they're put together, but in the end, the ease of use with the buttons and everything else aren't in the same class as Apple."

Leigh agrees: "A lot of work is going to have to be done on these very compact players in terms of their user interface."