There are reported problems with the headphone jacks of the iPod mini.

Postings on the Internet suggest that users are experiencing screeching sounds and static.

iPodlounge is reporting performance issues that are the result of a "fatal design flaw" in which the headphone jack becomes stressed and eventually wears out.

According to one post, the headphone jack attaches to the main board via a small black connector that easily wears out with constant plugging and unplugging of the headphones. "Because aluminum is a soft metal that deforms relatively easily, repeated pressure on the case – from inserting and removing the headphones, attaching it to a belt clip or an arm band – creates tension in the connecting pins."

An Apple spokesman told Reuters: "I've heard of a few, isolated postings" and noted that the product is covered by a one-year warranty.

"If a customer has any technical issues, they should contact AppleCare," he added.