The iPod mini has a little in common with a transistor radio, argues the BBC.

A report looks at the similarities between the award-winning Apple music player and a 1954 product, the Regency TR-1 transistor radio.

The radio was: "The world's first commercially sold transistor pocket radio," according to the report.

It was small (iPod mini-sized) and available in several colours: green, pearlescent blue, lavender, white and red.

"The TR-1 was marketed under the slogan "See it! Hear it! Get it!", the report states, pointing out that the radio's debut came in rock's early years, as Elvis Presley first appeared in the charts.

Technology-watcher John Ousby told the BBC about his experience when he posted pictures of the old radio beside a few of the iPod mini.

"Normally my photos there are viewed less than 100 times. But I was away for couple of days and came back to see there had been more than 15,000," he explained.

Ousby believes the similarity isn't by design, but the parallels between the products are reportedly "causing a stir" among Mac users.