It's possible Apple may soon ship an 8GB iPod mini, with news of Seagate's first 8GB 1-inch drive.

Seagate today announced a slew of new hard drives, including the 8GB drive which is suitable for Apple's elegantly-designed iPod mini.

DigiTimes recently claimed Apple's will introduce 2GB and 4GB versions of its iPod shuffle "this June and August, respectively".

Seagate meanwhile has confirmed it has begun, "shipping limited quantities of the Seagate 8GB ST1 Series to select Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Shock protection

The new 8GB drive incorporates several technologies of use for manufacturers in the digital device market, including a technology that guards against skipping which Seagate calls RunOn Technology.

RunOn Technology, "Ensures consistent music playback while in a high-motion environment, such as jogging - the drive actually senses and compensates for motion to stay on track." The drives also offer protection against sudden shocks, such as being dropped.

Seagate's drives are also available in 6GB, 5GB, 4GB, 3GB and 2.5GB capacities. The company claims its drives are, "used in all the leading handheld music players and by more device makers than any other 1-inch drive".

160GB notebook drives

Seagate has also introduced its LD25 Series of 2.5-inch hard drives designed for game consoles and small footprint PCs and home entertainment devices.

In additional news, the company has also announced its Momentus 5400.3 - a 2.5-inch notebook drive that uses perpendicular recording and has a capacity of 160GB and runs at 5,400-rpm.