Apple's iPod mini is an ideal product for the Japanese market and the Ginza Apple Store is "the stuff of legendary fashion superbrands," according to a Japanese marketing magazine.

The report by Japan Consuming looks at the launch of the iPod mini in Japan, and the success of the Apple Store there. It concludes that while not everyone in Japan will buy an iPod, "it will dominate the market in terms of mind-share because Apple has created a consumer technology brand as compelling as Louis Vuitton has for fashion".

The report states: "Apple has understood something about the future of the consumer technology business that seems to have passed everyone but the mobile phone manufacturers by. This is that the core functionality of computers and electronics is pretty well universal across all brands and makes, to the extent that these devices are now not much more than commodities, especially with China now the workshop for the entire industry.

"What now differentiates brands is, and will be, the implementation of those functions and the capacity to provide the consumer with value and meaning in their outward expression. Years after Apple introduced the iMac, it is incredible that others have not realized this."

According to Japan Consuming, the only threat to the iPod's popularity in Japan will be if Sony forces the iPod out of mainstream distribution channels – something analysts there are suggesting may happen.