A diverting yet disturbing slice of iPod-related satire appeared online this morning – a seemingly hoax news report describing death by iPod.

The report is appearing on a series of blogger sites, and states the case of 'Arleen Mathers, 23', who was arrested yesterday morning after killing her boyfriend with a series of blows to the head with a blunt instrument – an iPod.

"Police said no motive has been confirmed, although evidence suggested the murder was the result of a domestic dispute after the victim erased the contents of Mathers' iPod."

The (hopefully) satirical report grows worse: "Mathers was hysterical when police arrived and told them she killed her boyfriend after he accused her of illegally downloading music and erased about 2,000 of her MP3s."

The source of the story appears to be the LiquidGeneration website. To give this report extra credibility, the site designers built it into a page that reflects the appearance of a CNN Web-site story.