The iPod continues to claim its place in the cultural agenda.

The New York Daily News takes a look at the phenomenon, and points out that iPod users' listening habits may not match their perceived social situation.

"That 19-year-old college student next to you on the train may be entranced by a Winston Churchill speech. Or that middle-aged office worker just might be humming along to the Black Eyed Peas."

Diversity drive travellers personal digital dance, and the Daily News spoke to a selection of 'Podders to uncover what genre- and pigeon-hole shattering sounds they segue through on their personal playlists.

Sharing digital music sits on the agenda on March 26, London's Playlist Club prepares to open its doors at The Progress Bar once again.

Playlist opens its doors at 9pm and runs until 2am, admission is free. It: "invites music lovers, mixers and makers to turn up with their best 15-minute set of tunes on their iPod (or other digital music player) and play their songs through the club PA for our audience of music fans and critical judges."

The best DJs on the night win prizes from event sponsor PodGear, including some fresh-to market new products.

The club has crossed the Atlantic. Playlist Philadelphia takes place March 28 at the Khyber (doors open at 7.30pm). The party is affiliated to Playlist London and sponsored by iPodLounge. There's no charge to get in.