Inventive iPod applications continue to emerge as the music player births a varied, diverse industry.

Synergy Creations today debuted its first product for the platform, periodicPod. This is educational software for chemistry classes, and seems set to be part of a range of such products.

The application, periodicPod offers users access to a library of atomic properties. It works with any iPod equipped with a screen. Registration costs $9.

In recent weeks, French software developer OsiriX has introduced software that lets radiologists use an iPod photo as part of their work.

In another twist computer science student Nils Schneider has used the iPod's audible navigation "clicks" to reprogram the device to run Linux on.

He told the New Scientist: "It changes the iPod from a consumer device, where the manufacturer sets the rules about what it will and won't do, into a general purpose device. Much of the interest has been to develop various games, but things like a simple calculator, drawing program and even a GPS/mapping interface are all possible."

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