Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke frankly to the New York Times this week.

He revealed Apple to have sold half a billion songs through iTunes Music Store, giving the service 85 per cent of the digital music download market.

He also said that it would have "broken his heart" if news of the iPod nano had broken on the Internet before Wednesday's launch.

"The iPod nano is the biggest revolution since the original iPod," Jobs said, calling Apple's decision to abandon its most popular iPod, the iPod mini, a "bold gamble".

It was a challenge, too, he revealed. If the product had not been made ready in time, the company ran the risk of a revenue shortfall, as the iPod mini "accounts for half" the company's iPod sales.

"Entire factories were created to make this device," he said, revealing that Apple has become the world's largest flash memory customer.

He also revealed that if the iTunes mobile had been able to download songs over carrier networks, the cost per song would have hit a colossal $3 per tune.