A pair of reports suggest some seasonal slowing of demand for iPods.

DigiTimes reports that iPod nano sales in Taiwan have softened as Apple fends off competing – and cheaper – MP3 players imported from across the Far East.

There's also a growing trade in iPod nano knock-offs, the report explains. These have the same capacity and offer games, audio recording and radios built-in, the report explains. They are 40-50 per cent cheaper than Apple's product, it adds.

A second report from the same publication indicates that iPod nano manufacturer Foxconn Electronics has been affected by the slower-than-expected sales.

Foxconn sales may decrease 20-25 per cent in comparison to the previous quarter, it says.

"Due to seasonally slow demand in the global consumer-electronics market, Foxconn has experienced dropping shipments for Apple's iPod nano and Sony's PlayStation 2 consoles," the report claims citing unnamed 'sources'.