Apple is preparing to release a raft of new products, an analyst claims.

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu made the claims in his most recent research note to clients, released last night. He rates Apple stock as a recommended buy. In his opinion the stock is well-positioned to continue growing at rates above the market average.

Wu expects an iBook replacement, which he describes as a "low-cost portable Intel Mac", to ship in the June/July period.

"We view this as an important release as iBook is the second most important volume product in the Mac business," he said.

Wu also expects Apple to double the capacity of its existing 2GB and 4GB iPod nanos. "We are also picking up that basic video playback capability will likely be added. We anticipate these new nanos in the September quarter," he said.

The analyst also believes Apple is working to increase the battery life users can expect from next-generation video iPods. He claims the company is looking at better software, a bigger battery and/or combining flash and hard drives in the new video iPod products, which he says won't ship until December.

"We are also picking up that wireless Bluetooth headphones may or may not be included with this next-generation vPod," Wu warns, somewhat undecidedly.

The analyst holds a $101 target price on Apple's stock.