Despite every indication to the contrary, Apple has not cut the price of iPod – its portable MP3 player – by £26.

Macworld online reported the price change this morning; confirming the change with the UK Apple Store. At that time the Apple Store price stood at £323 (inc VAT). In fact, it remains at £349.

The educational price has been changed. An Apple source tells Macworld that this price change (to £323) was mistakenly added to the non-educational part of the Apple Store. This error is now being repaired.

The iPod’s price has been subject to two changes since its official launch on October 23. At its debut it was priced at £329, but less then two days later the price was hiked to £349. Today's activities serve to underscore most Macworld readers' perception of iPod - 67 per cent of these believe the product to be "too expensive".

Details of the product's current price can be found at the Apple Store. The iPod will be available to consumers for the first time at this year’s MacExpo running at the Islington Business Design Centre from November 22 to 24.