The popularity of the iPod is such that many students who own the music player didn't make an educated buying decision, according to a US student newspaper.

The young adult demographic accounts for a significant portion of iPod ownership. According to research by analysts Piper Jaffray, 16 per cent of US high-school students currently own iPods, and 24 per cent plan to buy one next year.

Students at Tufts University explained their reasons for purchasing an iPod. One said: "It's cuter than the other one I looked at." Another said: "I did research through my friends, just by asking around."

According to the report in Tuffs Daily– the University’s student-run newspaper: "Out of those students who do not own iPods, many are not aware of the other, cheaper brands."

It seems that this demographic is strongly influenced by the iPod culture, cleverly marketed by Apple. Regarding the iPod commercials, Tuffs professor of sociology James Ennis said: "These campaigns have been successful enough to be recognizable, in and of themselves, as a part of the iPod culture. They have reached this level because of smart marketing, vision and taste on the part of Apple."