On average US digital music player users carry 375 songs on their digital music players, new research reveals.

Solutions Research Group asked 1,062 US digital music users about how they use their players.

Apple is clearly the leading brand with 53 per cent of all digital music players used by the sample group. Sony and RCA tied in second place with 9 per cent share each.

Researchers found that 50 per cent of the sample group carried under 100 songs, with iPod owners hosting an average of 504 songs on their player.

Just 22 per cent of digital music player owners bought a song online at some point in the past.

Market not yet saturated

It also found that 21 per cent of young US citizens (12-29) now own a music player. Among those 30-49, ownership is 12 per cent, and just 4 per cent of people over 50 own such a device.

Motorola's iTunes phone has a market ready to pounce - analysis showed that while 14 per cent of Cingular's customers have a digital music player a further 17 per cent "want to buy one in the next twelve months".

Additionally, 26 per cent of Cingular's customers have downloaded a ringtone at some point in the past.

The data was revealed by a random national sample of 1,062 telephone interviews in the US in May/June 2005.