The emerging iPod generation may be no marketers dream - and music lovers hate their mobile phones, claims prominent iPod academic, Michael Bull.

Bull - better known as "professor iPod" - has a sobering message for the brand managers and marketers trying to use the device as a way to get advertising to the iPod demographic.

"These people are already screening out ads", he said, summarizing iPod users as wanting to shut out distractions, preferring privacy to conversation and "hating" their mobiles, which bring interruption to the musical backing of their lives.

Based on interviews with over 1,000 iPod owners, Bull dismisses the notion that iPod-type people will want, "to watch crappy TV shows, whilst they move, on a one-inch screen".

Such users "want to define the terms and conditions" of their lives, and use their digital devices as a way of shutting out an increasingly noisy, marketing-saturated world.

"In some cases these technologies are an antidote," he said.