iPod DJ parties continue to proliferate worldwide, with a new event springing up in Melbourne, Australia.

Local newspaper Web site, The Age, this morning carries a report from the first event, which took place on Friday at Melbourne's Bourgie Bar. The Australian manifestation of the growing meme, organized by local student DJ, Hugh Waters, invites party-goers to choose songs from within his 10,000-strong library of tunes.

Taking a cue from recent Jet hit, 'Are You Going To Be My Girl?', the night is called, 'Are You Going TO Be My DJ?'.

Waters believes iPods to be changing the face of modern DJ-ing, saying: "Eventually, people will just DJ with iPods. It's much more practical and easy."

However, choosing the right songs at the right time for an audience will remain a skill, he said, "We are always needed for the dance floor," he says. "We get a feel for the vibe in the room and we know when it's time to drop a certain track. You can never program a playlist to do that."

Like other iPod clubs in Washington, New York, and Holland, Waters stressed his audience isn't made up of technophiles, "It's about celebrating music", he said.

London's iPod club, Playlist, takes place this Saturday, October 23, at North London's Progress Bar. Sponsored by 'Rip and Burn' magazine, the event is free, and starts at 8pm.