Reports are appearing that suggest the new iPod Photo features an audio defect that causes a static sound and hard drive accessing noises at the beginning of music tracks.

A similar same defect was experiences with the fourth-generation iPod shortly after its release, reports iPodlounge.

iPodlounge claims that the problem occurs when the iPod Photo's hard drive reloads its music memory buffer. A full guide to the issue has been published by iPodlounge and is available here.

Podlounge initially believed that the Audio Defect was limited to a small number of units. However, user comments have suggested that the issue may be more widespread.

"The exact number of problem units is not known, or for that matter knowable. iPodlounge has been gathering user input for three weeks, and emphasized that while the results of our inquiry are comprised of strictly voluntary submissions from readers, and should not be taken as scientific or conclusive, they do suggest that the problem may be more widespread than we had originally hoped," states the report.

Apple has not made any official comment on the problem.