The iPod frenzy in the UK national press continues to gather pace with a round-up of national press coverage of the iPod in the Guardian.

The article pulls together comments from the Evening Standard, Observer, Financial Times, Independent, Stuff, GQ, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, and the Western Mail – some of which were highlighted by Macworld last week.

This weekend the Independent ranked the iPod Number One in the 50 best music systems.

And the iPod has also gained the affections of GQ's Dominic Mohan: "I'm in love with this machine and I may start sleeping with it," he said.

But it seems that in the West Country the mania for the iPod has become rather more sinister. The Western Mail reported: "The iPod boom is inextricably linked to the popularity of downloaded music in much the same way that the Bolshevik revolution had quite a lot to do with communism."

"Just as any self-respecting Maoist would not step out in public without a copy of the Little Red Book, anyone in step with the zeitgeist will be clutching an iPod in 2004," the article continued.