A UK music industry conference on July 19 will examine potential new music delivery formats in the digital music industry.

The MusicTank think tank is called: “I came, I saw, iPod - What's next?”

The organisers explain: “As part of the natural progression from wax cylinder, to vinyl, cassette, CD and most recently MP3, this session will consider likely format successors to today’s portable devices - the most successful being the iPod.”

The keynote speech will be given by technology columnist Charles Arthur. Panelists will include Barney Wragg (senior vice president, Universal Music’s eLabs), Steve Mayall (mobile and wireless analyst, MusicAlly), Dr Michael Bull (senior lecturer, media and film studies and iPod expert) and Duncan Ledwith of Melodeo. The panel chairman is Keith Harris.

iPod versus mobile

The session will consider the implications of interoperability between platforms and music players, battery life and digital rights management systems. It will also take a look at the possibilities for mobile phone handsets as music playing devices.

“Perhaps the future lies with streaming and always-on access to the ‘jukebox in the sky’”, Music Tank opines. Benefits of ‘celestial jukeboxes’ could include unrestricted access to music.

“The implications are diverse and far reaching - will many more musicians soon be signing with mobile companies?” Music Tank asks.

The event costs £20 to the general public, and £15 for members of UK music trade associations. It takes place on Tuesday July 19 and begins at 6.30pm (ends at 9pm). Attendees will be given a complimentary drink on arrival.

The symposium takes place at Bertorelli restaurant and bar in the first floor private dining room. This is located at11-13, Frith Street, Soho, London.

Further information and a booking form is available online. Pre-registration is required for this space-limited event.