US music industry glitterati attending last night's Grammy Awards ceremony went home with an iPod.

The 'goodie bag' for industry movers and shakers attending the 46th Grammy Awards was worth over $13,000 (nearly £7,000) and included an Apple iPod, contained in its very own iSkin protector.

Lucky music luminaries also received one-years gym membership, a two-night stay at a resort, free whitening toothpaste, and laser-eye surgery (ideal after a late night).

Companies want to get their products into celebrity hands as part of a shrewd strategy of product placement to stimulate sales. The principle is that the public follow leaders.

Lash Fary of Distinctive Assets, the company that puts the Grammy Baskets together told The Age: "We have a team of about six people and they do nothing but research what is cool.

"Celebrities are surprisingly gracious. People think they wouldn't care because they make millions of dollars, but you never get too rich or famous to enjoy being recognized or getting a gift.

"Celebrities are just like normal people, and everybody loves free stuff."