US rapper 50 Cents has a strong relationship with his iPod, reports Sunday's New York Times.

In 50 Cent's new video, Pimp, the rapper: "Lovingly caresses an iPod digital music player as three scantily clad women lovingly caress him," says the Times. "The iPod has exactly as many close-ups as 50 Cent does in the video's opening scenes," it observes.

"The iPod looks like it belongs in the video," says the Times, looking at the "David and Goliath" battle between Microsoft and Apple.

Looking forward, the report says: "If the iTunes Music Store on Windows experiences success anywhere near that of the Mac version, more than just rap videos will be paying homage to Apple – the entire music industry will be."

Last week youth trends analyst Look-Look released research that claimed an iPod and Apple notebook to be among the most-wanted products in the US for returning school kids, and Apple the leading brand.