A Japanese firm has developed an iPod-compatible robot, designed to follow users around the home, playing music.

The robot has been christened Miuro, and has been developed by ZMP Inc. It's equipped with speaker systems that have been co-developed with Kenwood.

The robot is available in white, black, yellow or red, and is 35cm long. Equipped with a dock for an iPod, it costs the equivalent of £500 and was demonstrated in Tokyo yesterday morning.

The robot will roll and twist its way around your home, playing your music.

Additional features include a remote control and WiFi connectivity, so the robot can also play songs sourced from an iTunes library.

"I designed it to have a gentle look because it becomes a part of everyday life by integrating robotics and music," said Miuro designer Shinichi Hara.

The device isn't expected to be available outside Japan before the middle of next year.

Add-on options include a camera and sensors, so the robot can work out its own way to get around your home.