Apple has made Steve Jobs' introduction of the iPod available via QuickTime.

The company has also released a commercial and a video to promote its new MP3 player.

iPod is an MP3 player with a 5GB drive and a FireWire connection. It also integrates "seamlessly" with Apple's own digital music application, iTunes 2. The unit will cost £329 on its release in the UK this November.

The advertisement depicts a music enthusiast downloading tunes from his iBook onto his iPod. In no time he's dancing his way out of his apartment listening to MP3s on his iPod.

The promotional video features music stars Moby and Seal.

Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide product marketing, says in the video: "Only Apple could have created something that integrates as seamlessly as the iPod, because Apple make all the hardware and software and all the technology. This allows us to solve problems for people that no one else would dare take on."

Moby quipped after handling the device: "I don't know who your product designers are, but you are not paying them enough."

Seal commented: "I have never picked up an MP3 player that's made me go, wow I want to carry this everywhere I go."