UK consumer magazine Computing Which? has declared Apple's iPod its Best Buy MP3 player in its September issue.

Computing Which? is a title from the Consumer's Association. Apple's iPod is described by the title as: "Serious temptation to both PC and Mac users."

In an enthusiastic review of the product, Which? writes: "Our expert listeners liked the new iPod a lot, deciding it was one of the best MP3 players they've heard."

Following a brief description of how the digital music player works, Which? concludes: "If you're worried about blowing this much money on a music player, various extra features on the new iPod might wear down your resolve. For example, there's a calendar, a 'to do' list and address book, plus three built-in games."

The article also discusses using an iPod as an external hard drive and alarm clock. Apple's popular product scores 74 per cent.