In a shockingly blatant case of copyright infringement a Taiwanese company has had the audacity to introduce a clone of the iPod shuffle at CeBIT.

LuxPro introduced the Super shuffle at the technology fair currently taking place in Germany. The device looks identical to the iPod shuffle, it is even the same size and weight as Apple's product, the only difference is it offers a FM tuner and a voice recorder. It also offers MP3, WAV, and WMA support.

The company hasn't only copied the design of the iPod shuffle. In something akin to a death-wish LuxPro is even copying Apple's advertising theme.

German iPod site iPodLife has provided iPodlounge with photos that show not only the striking similarity between the iPod shuffle and the super shuffle, but also LuxPro's very own silhouette-style adverts that are on display at CeBIT.

Give Apple's tendency to sue any company that infringes on its copyright it is surprising that LuxPro would play with the Apple fire.

Back in 1999 Apple filed a lawsuit against eMachines, accusing that company of copying its iMac design. That company, and others, were subsequently banned from producing iMac clones.