iPod shuffle owners can now buy a set of external speakers for their music player.

PodGear has released the PocketParty Shuffle, a portable micro speaker system for the iPod shuffle.

The managing director of PodGear parent company Disruptive Technology Channels,Tom Dudderidge, explained: “The PodGear team have spent months getting the PocketParty Shuffle to look ‘just so’ making it the ultimate in shuffle accessories. The portable ghetto blaster won’t wake up the neighbours, but it does mean you can ‘free your tunes’ where ever you are, be it on a remote beach, the local park or in the office on a Friday afternoon.”
The system fits flush on the bottom of the shuffle. It can even be worn around an owner’s neck, “so they can share their favourite tunes wherever they go,” said Dudderidge. 
The PocketParty Shuffle offers 1 watt of Stereo output from two tiny speakers and can run for up to ten hours from a single AA battery. The unit carries a green LED on/off indicator; volume is controlled directly from the iPod. It costs £24.99 (including VAT).