Apple has released an update for its iPod MP3 player.

The update, which brings the software up to version 1.2.1, fixes a problem where the battery icon was not correctly displaying when the device is fully charged. The Read Me file available with the update also suggests changes in the behaviour of the connection feedback read out on the iPod screen, which indicates when it's safe to unplug the FireWire cable. Versions of the update are available for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x.

The release follows just weeks after update 1.2, which added support for spoken-word content from; an iTunes 3 feature called Sound Check, which automatically adjusts for drastic differences in volume between tracks; and the ability to browse music by Genres and Composers, as well as Artists, Albums and Song titles. It also offers a built in alarm and clock.

Three models of iPod are available – 5GB, 10GB and 20GB – for both Mac and Windows. Prices start at £259.