Japan's Takara Co. Ltd. has developed a low-cost unit that's intended to bring your music to life on a television screen in a similar way to the visualizers built-into some music playback software applications.

The Music Player Television (MPTV) device connects to the headphone socket on any music player and to a TV through standard yellow, red and white RCA jacks. It will produce visualisations based on the track playing and also pass through the audio for playback through the TV speakers, said Mutsuki Kubota, a representative for the company, at the World PC Expo show in Tokyo where it was being demonstrated.

The first version of the MPTV is due on the Japanese market in January or February of next year and will cost ¥3,980 ($34), said Kubota. It will come with five basic visualisation themes which can be switched through a button on the front of the small, square-shaped device. Takara is keen to see the number of themes expand.

A second version of the MPTV player is already in development and will allow users to change themes with ones downloaded via the Internet. Takara plans to open up the theme format and hopes that users will create their own, and that possibly music bands will offer themes to fans.

Takara has been in talks with Apple Japan and will likely put the MPTV on sale first in Apple's retail outlets in Japan.

While a launch date hasn't been decided the company is already making plans to launch the MPTV in the US, said Youichiro Ogawa of Takara's strategic business division.