iPodlounge has released the 2005 edition of its new Buyer's Guide.

The iPodlounge Buyer's Guide 2005 is a free 100-page magazine-style guide to everything to do with Apple's product, assembled by the experts at the world's first dedicated iPod site.

"Instead of asking our readers to cough up $6 to buy the Guide in a store, we are providing it for free online and taking mass advantage of file-sharing networks to spread it around the world," said iPodlounge.

As well as a full beginners guide to iPods, the well laid-out 10MB publication also includes exclusive first looks at Griffin iTripLCD and BTI Tunestir iPod FM Radio Remotes.

iPodlounge has also expanded its editorial remit in order to provide sections dedicated to looking at the iPod as a cultural icon, including a guide to some of the world's most famous iPod parties.

The guide also offers a sneak peeks at a variety of forthcoming new products as well as at a future update iPodlounge has planned for its website.ipod