Apple's pretty proud of its iPod, pointing out how the product has revolutionised the way people look at music on its Hot News site this morning.

The report links to news from the Boston Globe, which looks at the global phenomenon of iPod DJ culture clubs, from Australia to Berlin, London to Philadelphia - and now also in Boston.

"Think of it as the strongest form of musical democracy since the jukebox", the Boston Globe says. Such clubs overturn the DJ culture, and put a little democracy into clubber's hands.

The reporter shares a tale of woe - the feeling a DJ gets when they play songs the crowds just don't want, "the sound of my superstar DJ dreams shattering could be heard", he says.

The report looks at the new Boston party, New York's iParty, London's Playlist Club (now also in Philadelphia).

iPodLounge editor in chief Jeremy Horwitz said: "The iPod isn't a luxury item for a select few. It's ubiquitous. The idea of people bringing their own iPods to these nights is not difficult to imagine."