A new iPod craze has hit clubs in East London – with DJs using iPods rather than vinyl.

The events are dubbed NoWax, and its proponents are called MP3Js. NoWax organizer Raj Panjwani told Macworld: "The idea it that they have to keep the party going. If the music they play isn't great then the audience boo them off stage and the next MP3J takes over."

"It’s about having fun. It’s always exciting to hear what people are going to play next. And it’s a good way to hear new music that you may not have been exposed to. Anyone can take part, just bring along your iPod and pick your favourite tunes," he added.

NoWax has been running since July, with events held every six weeks. Crowds packed the fourth event, held at Dreambagsjaguarshoes in Shorditch on November 7. Organizers are planning the next event for December 17 at the same venue. Entry is free.

The company behind the venture, Senseworldwide, is a market-trends forecaster that spotted the iconic status of the iPod.

"The iPod is cutting edge," said Panjwani.