iProof has begun shipping its iProof-X Direct Print Driver for Epson Inkjet printers.

The release offers owners of some Epson printers a chance to print from within Mac OS X 10.2 for the first time. It offers all Epson Inkjet printer owners access to ICC Colour Profiles for colour matching.

The solution consists of non-PostScript drivers designed for Mac OS X 10.2. iProof has developed ICC colour profiles for each of over 55 Epson printers, and different paper types and resolutions. This is a significant advantage over various freeware and shareware alternatives that try to assist printing in OS X 10.2, the manufacturers claim.

iProof-X also comes with custom PPDs for all supported Epson printers. This means that when a Print command is issued and the media type and resolution are selected, custom ICC profiles are automatically chosen.

Print problems Many users have experienced problems printing from OS X 10.2. This is because Apple elected to adopt a print standard called CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). Presently, Apple's implementation of this requires that some applications print files to PDF in order to print the results from Mac OS X 10.2's Preview application.

iProof anticipates that Apple will update OS X 10.2 to enable direct printing from within applications, rather than using Preview. At present, the following applications cannot do a direct print to a CUPS-based print solution, and must save documents as PDFs in order to print from Preview: XPress, PageMaker, FreeHand, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and AppleWorks.

iProof's solution is a native OS X application. It offers drivers for Epson's full back catalogue of Inkjet printers, excepting the first two models.

The solution costs £34.95 (excluding VAT) for the standard version, or £179.95 for the large format version.

It requires 128MB of RAM, 500MB disk space, a PowerPC G3 processor and Mac OS X 10.2. It is available from iProof's UK distributor, AM Micro.