iRez Technologies is shipping its CapSureUSB card in the UK through AM Micro.

The card costs £99.95 (ex VAT) and permits USB-enabled Macs to capture 640-x-480-pixel still images and up to 320-x-240-pixel video images. Its a connectivity solution to transfer data from VCR/DVD recorders, video cameras and professional cameras, and also transfers sound data from stereos and tape decks for on-the-fly video editing.

CapSure USB features two video inputs, composite and S-Video, and two audio inputs – one left and one right channel. The device can overlay different signals, and ships with proprietary video-capture and editing software, Reel-Eyes.

iRez president Joel Barthelemy said: "When we engineer more fun into functionality we get excited. With this product, we are combining both video and audio through the USB port."

Powered by the USB port, the product supports the NTSC, PAL and SECAM video standards.