Legendary rock band Iron Maiden are currently engaged in a world tour to promote their newly released Dance of Death album – and are using Macs to supply their IT infrastructure on the road.

The band recently released a DVD collection of its promo videos called Visions of the Beast. This collection was all assembled on a Mac, the band's technology advisor Johnny B told Macworld.

"We pulled the whole project together on a Mac. We used Final Cut Pro to assemble the parts of the video, LightWave to create the menu buttons, and DVD Studio Pro 1.5 – which we persevered with – to pull the project together for the golden master."

The band's love for the platform did not go without opposition. "EMI slagged us off for using Macs. People there told us that if we assembled the project on a Mac, we'd have problems getting the product pressed and manufactured."

As a band, Iron Maiden isn't known for toeing the line. They went ahead using Macs anyway: "It all worked out fine, and now we've sold over 400,000 copies of the DVD."