Wam!Net – recently acquired by Savvis Communications – is to close its 4-Sight file-transfer operation on September 12, it announced yesterday.

The news follows the recent sale of Wam!Net to Savvis Communications in a $3 million deal. 4-Sight and Wam!Net have offered ISDN point-to-point file transfer-management software solutions such as ISDN Manager, Transmission Manager and Transmission Director since 1989.

In a statement, the company admits to the slump affecting ISDN industry: "Broadband communication alternatives, which have already severely affected other companies serving the ISDN industry, have contributed to the closure of the operations. The general migration to Internet-based networking alternatives as a result of increasing broadband availability has significantly reduced the demand for 4-Sight products. In addition, ISDN market saturation coupled with the high reliability of 4-SIGHT technology has had a major effect on sales."

The company will offer existing users technical support until the end of 2003.

This news follows recent news that Hermstedt is to streamline its UK operations, and the departure of that company's general manager Andy Eakins. On his departure, Eakins said: "It's been seven good years at Hermstedt, but the market has changed."