Telewest won two prizes at the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) Awards.

The ISPA Awards are presented to people and organizations in the industry by others also in the industry.

Telewest won awards in both consumer and business categories, collecting "Best Unmetered ISP" for its Blueyonder dial-up and broadband services, and "Best Application Service" for its Blueyonder workwise business product.

Receiving the award, Chad Raube, head of Internet services at Telewest Broadband, said: "We're delighted to see our innovation recognized. In 2002, we will continue to push boundaries and set broadband standards to give consumers a superior quality Internet experience."

Telewest Broadband was ranked first among ISPs offering unmetered access on the basis of independent research by market research firm, Durlacher. The company competed against AOL, BT Openworld, Claranet and Freeserve. It was also nominated for Best National Consumer ISP.

Other winners included Freeserve, which won the Best National Consumer ISP category; AOL, the Best Pan-European Consumer ISP; from Powergen, the best non-commercial ISP; and Claranet, for the best national business ISP.

Other noteworthy awards included one to Elizabeth France, the UK government's Information Commissioner, who was recognized as an Internet Hero by the industry body. ISPA said: "France is sympathetic to industry, non-bureaucratic and pragmatic, cooperative and helpful in a number of issues including the legal aspects of spam, data retention and preservation.”

The UK Home Office was awarded the status of "Internet Villain". ISPA says: "The Industry’s frustration over the delay of the full implementation of the RIP Act encouraged the judges to award Internet Villain to the Home Office. Part 1 Chapter II will not be implemented on March 4 as promised. It was felt that such delays makes it difficult for the Industry to make the necessary preparations for working with the new legislation."