iSync Uninstall 1.0 for Mac OS X has been released from Apple.

The download requires Mac OS X 10.2.1 or later, and works with iSync Beta software on all Mac OS X compatible computers.

iSync Uninstall 1.0 removes files associated with the use of iSync Beta software, including the main application as well as libraries, frameworks, installation receipts and user-associated files. Files related to the use of HotSync software within iSync will also be removed.

iSync Uninstall 1.0 will not remove any other personal data files. Address Book, iCal, and Palm Software are left as is.

Apple advises users that subsequent iSync releases may require the removal of iSync Beta before installing later versions.

To use iSync Uninstall 1.0 users must know their Mac's administrator password.

The latest information about iSync Beta or compatible devices is available on iSync's Web site.