The Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), the industry group behind the wireless standard employed by Apple in its AirPort wireless networking products, has announced twelve new corporate members of the group.

The gathering momentum of Wi-Fi represents a vote of support for Apple's early implementation of the standard in 1999, when AirPort was released. At that time, the standard was still in its infancy.

Membership of the industry group now includes chip suppliers, service providers, resellers, broadband-technology suppliers and manufacturers. New members include Epson America, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies and Motorola.

Global acceptance David Cohen, WECA's chairman, said: "Wi-Fi continues to drive the expansion of the wireless LAN industry. We are seeing much of the same phenomena with Wi-Fi that we have seen with previous emerging technologies. No longer is there a group of different technologies vying for the wireless LAN (Local Area Network) market. Wi-Fi is the only broadly adopted global wireless LAN technology.

"We are also seeing a broader range of companies marketing Wi-Fi technology, including fabrication-less manufacturing, companies that provide voice and data services, and more chip suppliers - further pointing to the increasing consolidation around Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology."

WECA was founded in 1999 to drive the adoption of a global standard for high-speed wireless LANs. IEEE 802.11b products operate in the 2.4GHz radio band and transmit data at 11Mbps.