Apple is facing a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement of two computer patents owned by a little-known IT company.

The suit was filed by Biax Corporation in the District Court of Delaware.

Biax – a little-known name in the world of computing – possesses three patents : 6,253,313, 5,765,037 and 5,517,628. These were granted on June 26, 2001, June 9, 1998 and May 14, 1996 respectively. The main charge concerns a patent granted in June 2001.

Biax attorney Jack Slobodin claims the patents improve the CPU's ability to perform many tasks at the same time - called parallel processing.

It is alleged that Apple's computers are covered by this patent. Biax is seeking unspecified damages, and a court order halting further infringement. Biax may take action against other manufacturers as part of the suit, Reuters reports.

Apple would not comment, and there is no recorded telephone number for BIAX Corporation.