The IT-services market will recover this year from a weak 2001, as companies holding-back due to the economy’s slowdown begin dipping again into their wallets in the second half of 2002, analyst firm IDC claims.

The IT-services market includes IT education and training, consultancy and hardware, and software deployment and support.

Ned May, IDC’s worldwide services program manager said: “The recovery’s main driver would be the pent-up demand within enterprises for important IT services. Spending has been brought almost to a standstill, and IT needs must be addressed.”

IDC expects clients to call upon IT service-providers to help them get the most out of their IT infrastructure. May said: “A lot of money was spent in previous years on software and hardware. Now, companies have those assets, but haven’t gotten the full value out of them.”

The IT-services market grew 6.5 per cent to $349 billion in 2001. May expects it to post a 10 per cent revenue growth in 2002.