An Italian DJ has been slammed with a huge €1.4 million fine after being caught with a reported 2,000 pirated MP3 music files and hundreds of illegally downloaded video clips.

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) reports the Italian police discovered the DJ playing the allegedly pirated music in nightclubs near Rome. It ordered the fine against the individual, whose identity was not revealed, after a raid of the suspect's house turned up none of the originally purchased music, a spokeswoman said. The DJ may also be subject to further criminal sanctions, the industry group said.

The suspect was caught with over 2,000 allegedly pirated MP3s and 500 video clips. The fine was imposed by the Italian Fiscal Police of Rieti (Rome). It is the largest in Europe against an individual for MP3 piracy, the IFPI said.

Enzo Mazza, director of the Italian recording industry association (FIMI), said: "We are pleased with the fine imposed by the Rieti Fiscal police. This DJ was touring clubs and making money out of the music he played - while those who had invested time, talent, hard work and money into creating the music in the first place did not get a cent. We hope this precedent will serve as a deterrent for those who are thinking of doing the same."

The DJ was discovered as part of a police operation targeting radio stations and clubs around Rome, the IFPI said.