Tenon Systems has released iTools 6.5, the latest upgrade to the company’s suite of tools for commercial content delivery and ecommerce for Mac OS X.

It offers an updated WEBmail application (version 5.1), which lets users access email, via POP (point-of-presence) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) from any device running a browser. The application is customizable for re-branding and localization, so administrators can add unique logos and banner ads on an ad-hoc basis.

Other WEBmail features include: multiple attachments; address books with import and export capabilities, user-definable folders; an outbox for sent messages; real-time spam filtering; customizable tag lines for site-branding; blind carbon-copy; spell check; quoted reply; forwarding; per-user or per-domain message-quotas; and per-user or per-domain access restrictions.

The suite also extends the operating system’s networking features with extra functionality. Based on open-source implementations, the suite provides webmasters with resources to set-up and support advanced network servers using Web-based administration tools. The solution builds on the Apache server bundled into OS X.

A state-of-the-art domain-name server is included, as is a multi-homing FTP server; a robust SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption engine to support ecommerce; a powerful caching engine with proxy support; and a Sherlock-savvy search engine.

Three versions are available: The Small Business Edition costs $500; the Corporate Edition $750; and the Service Provider Edition $1,500.