Tenon has updated iTools, its suite of tools that simplifies the configuration and maintenance of Apache servers for Mac Webmasters.

The update is free to registered users of Tenon’s product. iTools is an Apache Web server toolkit for Mac OS X Servers. It provides a point-&-click interface to Apache, Domain Name Server and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) shields – so Mac Webmasters can avoid dealing with Apache’s UNIX core. However, there exist within iTools utilities that let UNIX-savvy Web masters take advantage of advanced UNIX features.

The update supports Apache 1.3.12, the current version of the Web server. The update also includes a Secure Sockets Layer package that can provide strong encryption for e-commerce.

The release features an updated virtual FTP server, updated in response to a recent request from CERT, the Internet-security watchdog. This fixes a security issue detected in Washington University FTP Daemon, the FTP server included within iTools.

Other enhancements include a new Internet-scripting tool, full computer-graphics-interface support, full dynamic-image support, and on-the-fly file-compression and decompression abilities.

The update is available from Tenon’s products download area. The company recommends that all users of the $495 iTools suite should apply the update.