Apple has extended to October 14 the discount deadline for iTools users to switch to .Mac accounts.

Originally, Apple set a September 30 deadline, before which iTools users could have a .Mac account for $49.95 – or lose their iTools account, including all information stored in email, files stored online, and Web pages created with Apple's HomePage feature.

The $49.95 levy is a discount on the full price of $99.

Apple's new subscription-based .Mac service replaces the free iTools service.

An email sent to iTools members notifying them of the extension says: "In response to many last minute requests, we've extended the opportunity to join .Mac at the special price of $49.95 for iTools members until October 14, 2002.”

Apple confirmed earlier this month that up to 2.1 million former iTools accounts have been abandoned. Around 100,000 .Mac accounts have been opened to date. Partially, it's thought this reflects users with multiple accounts maintaining just one.

.Mac offers subscribers 100MB of Internet storage that integrates into the Mac OS X Finder; Internet hosting for personalized homepages; iPhoto digital-photo albums; iCal calendars; email services with IMAP; POP and Web-based access; and antivirus and back-up software.