MetaCreations has announced Kai’s Power Tools (KPT) 6, the latest release in its series of image effects for print and the Web.

The new set of Adobe Photoshop plug-ins includes eight plug-ins from the MetaCreations KPT X series, and two extra plug-ins originally developed by RAYflect.

The KPT X Image filters include KPT Equalizer, which corrects blurred images, KPT Goo liquid distortion brushes, and KPT Materializer for creating dynamic surface textures.

SceneBuilder is a RAYflect plug-in for creating realistic 3D scenes, and SkyEffects is for creating stormy skies, sunsets, moonlit nights and rainbows.

As well as new effects filters, KPT 6 delivers enhancements such as a standardized interface and large real-time previews.

KPT 6 is expected to be available "later this year" for $199, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed.