Apple has released the iTunes 2.0.3 updater for Mac OS X.

On what's new in the update, the notes distributed with the release say: "iTunes 2.0.3 offers greater control when synchronizing iTunes with the iPod, by transferring only the checked songs in your library and playlists to your iPod. This version also adds support for the Rio One MP3 player from SonicBlue, a tool for correcting improperly encoded Unicode tags, and improved stability and performance."

The update is available for download through the Software Update control in Mac OS X. It's also available for direct download (including an OS 9 version) from Apple. iTunes is Apple's solution for listening to, storing and managing digital music collections.

The company has also made Macintosh Manager 2.1.1 available for download from its Software Updates Web page. This is Apple's workstation-management solution that provides network admins with a centralized method of securing access to Macs. It also controls software access, and supports personalized desktops on any Mac used over a network. Detailed instruction, information and the update itself are available for download.