Apple and AOL last night put technology in place allowing AOL US users to purchase songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

The move coincides with the release of iTunes 4.2 for Mac and Windows, which is available for download from Apple's Web site.

AOL members can preview, purchase and download songs available on AOL Music by simply clicking an iTunes button placed next to featured tracks. This launches Apple's Music Store.

AOL members can use their AOL Wallet or card-on-file to purchase and download songs from iTunes. AOL is also offering iTunes Music Store customers the opportunity to buy music from its popular music programs [email protected] and Broadband.

"Now for the first time millions of music fans on AOL, who watch their favorite artists perform in an intimate studio setting on [email protected], have the option to purchase the song digitally via iTunes and then download it right to their iPod," said Evan Harrison, vice president and general manager, AOL Music.

"Apple and AOL are making it easy for AOL's millions of US subscribers to legally purchase and download music," said Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of Applications Marketing.

"AOL members can now conveniently use their AOL screen names and passwords to log onto the iTunes Music Store and use their AOL Wallet or card-on-file to immediately purchase and download songs," he added.