The dispute between Apple Computer and The Beatle's Apple Corps could "take years to settle," says The Times Online this morning.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs once again confirmed the case seems likely to end up in court: "It's really stupid," he says. "We can't reach an agreement, but the courts could drag on for a few years."

The two Apples signed a deal two years ago under which Apple Computer agreed not to get involved in the music business using the Apple logo. Apple Corps is now seeking an injunction over iTunes, saying the computer company has broken that deal. A rueful Jobs said: "The whole thing is unfortunate because we love The Beatles."

It's no small matter, The Times explains in another report. Jobs has high hopes for Apple's digital music service: "The iPod and iTunes are going to be a much bigger deal than they are today," he said, "When history looks back, the iTunes music story will get recognition for providing an incredible landmark for the industry. It will be the first time that music was able to be sold legally over the Internet."

The tool was conceived as a legal service developed to compete with illegal file-sharing operations, but the success of iTunes Music Store has surprised Apple.

"We thought it would take us a while, perhaps six months for one million downloads, so it has easily exceeded our expectations," Jobs told The Times.